Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cover your hair at night

In the metro on my way to Julie friday a weird guy (few teeth, on drugs) tries to talk to me and I just shake my head and say no. Then he touches my knees and I say stop. He does it again and I get up to stand a few meters away. When I get off, he gets off. Then I transfer to another metro. First I go to the wrong one and he follows me there, when I go back he keeps following me. I keep thinking that there are lots of people here and when I get off I'll be walking on a big street with lots of people as well, so i'll be ok. But when I get up from the metro the streets are empty... I start walking and he is following me. When I get to the right street number I realize that I'm on the wrong street... I call Julie and she runs to meet me by the station. Very sweet girl. The man keep following us till we walk inside her door and lock him out. It was scary.

Anyway! We had a fun - went out a bit late though... Most bars were closed and it took forever to get home. But I did and saturday was really nice, went to a couple of girls to a market in Clingantcourt. Now - french homework! Oh, about the title, when I told Fabienne about the man following me she suggested me to cover my hair at night... Being blonde attracts unwanted attention.  Then she quickly added: but you can't cover your blue eyes. Wear a burqa! (Which is funny, because it's illegal)

Ce soir nous avons un aperó avec des voisins - vin blanc et des noix. Aprés j'ai regardé les journal à télévision avec Fabienne. Maintenant, des exercise francais.
Bonne nuit!



  1. Love the picture! Var försiktig och köp pepparspray!

  2. Min kära vän,,, du måste vara försiktig och ta hand om dig. Saknar dig. pussssss