Monday, September 6, 2010

First day at school

I was supposed to meet with M. Champagne at 8.45 but I don't think he got that note.

Anyway, I meet him when the lesson started and he just told me to sit with the other students who didn't do the test. Suddenly I'm in a level B2 class (It runs from A1 till C2, so B2 is in the middle). It's way too advanced for me and when there's a break I tell M. Champagne, so he tells me the time for the B1 class. Hm.. That's not going to work either and ask for the A2. The teacher in the A2 class is really nice and there's a good atmosphere in the classroom but still a bit advanced for me. I understand everything but I'm not able to express myself. Tomorrow I'll try the A1 class and see which I prefer.

I'm so tired now! And I have loads of homework to get to...
Feels good to have started though!