Thursday, September 2, 2010

French fail

I was going to check the time for my french test tomorrow. Then I realized that it was today! So I missed it...

This is so bad...

I'll go out there tomorrow and talk to them. I can't believe I missed it! I have marked my calender for tomorrow. One day too late.

This is a crappy end of a somewhat crappy day. Well it started good. Chilling out at home, talking to Fabienne. Then I took the metro to Les Halles to change a map. Long story twitter-version:
AAAAHHHH stupid bureaucracy!! Why make everything SO complicated?

Then I got a text from my phone company saying that I didn't have any more credit. Hmm.. I just got the phone and bought 30euro worth of credit yesterday. Guy in the phone store didn't speak any english. I try with french but it's difficult. Feels like he doesn't want to help me. He just gives me a number to call. I don't accept that. I want help and ask for the third time if any of his colleagues speak any english. He says no for the third time. I get extremely frustrated and am on the verge of tears. Then he asks his colleague if she speaks english, she does and she helps me.

Twitter version of this story:
Now without internet on my phone, it costs 30euro a day. Bytel has an extremely complicated prepaid system, nothing that suits my needs..

I'm so tense and so tired with a constant headache. I bought a yoga mat so I can do yoga. By the way, what's up with service in this country? It's non existent! Except for when you happen to run in to the manager. He let me try the yoga mats in the store. Haha, what a sight! Down dog in Go Sport, Les Halles.

Enough with all the complaining!
On the positive note:

  • I was out last night, supposed to meet Q (friend of Juliette and Josefin) and did adventually but the place (Espace B) was crowded with good looking hipsters. Mmm. Friday I'm going out with Q and c/o again.
  • I made a friend when in the hostel! A candian girl living here for six months. We clicked and are going to hook up again.
  • Paris is so beautiful. It makes me smile. A lot.
  • Someone asked me for directions. Which means that I don't look as lost as I feel at times.


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  1. Sara min raring! Här kommer nu mina kloka reflexioner...

    Missad test: Alla kan göra en miss, du också, var glad att du är mänsklig ;) Dom förstår säkert! Annars får dom placera dej i den grupp som inget kan, och det är väl inte så illa?

    Service: Du är i Frankrike, vill du ha service så får du åka till USA helt enkelt, eller alltid fråga efter chefen.

    Ta det lugnt och njut av det som är bra.

    Det ska bli SÅ kul att hälsa på dej! Jag längtar! puss puss