Friday, September 3, 2010

Where I live..

..and how you know it's in France

The adress: 3 Impasse Massonnet - in the 18th arr.
Electric cables hanging out from the wall in the bathroom. Very random.
Shutters and tiny balcony in my room. View isn't very nice though. It's a construction site at the moment (Fabienne said when I moved in: "They are renovating the school and the school starts in a few days so they are soon finished." Now school has started but the workers are still here ;)
And of course... The pink toilet paper! Complete with a pink toilet seat and pink plastic flowers to cover up the hole in the wall!


(When I was looking at rooms the comment for something that wasn't perfect was always the same:
"Well, it's Paris!"
I love it!)


  1. c/o Mésenge
    3 Impasse Massonnet
    75018 Paris

  2. Rosa toalett borde ju införskaffas i alla hushåll i Sverige! ;)