Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The worst Erasmus student

I don't have everything under control. After this exchange program I'll be asked to write a report on my stay. I'll be refereed to the most clueless Erasmus student. Future Erasmus students will think "Ok.. If she did it, anyone can do it!" Which is a good thing! I'm doing this as a favor for future students so they'll feel better, and more prepared.

You already know about the missed test. Now I realize that in order to get my Erasmus grant I'll have to send some papers to Roskilde University (RUC). Those papers are packed in boxes which are placed in Soffias basement. So, I've just written a pathetic mail to the RUC administration...

I found Tahin today! And knäckebröd. Mmm

My teacher told me that he can see me learning and that my brain works fast. Then he looked at the girl standing next to me and said "you look a bit lost". Poor girl.. But it made my day! Not that he told her she looked lost but what he told me :) too bad I can't feel it though.. I'm so inpatient and want to know everything now!

Á bientout


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