Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to Join the Gym

Bureaucracy - etymology
French bureaucratie, coined by Jean Claude Marie Vincent de Gournay (died 1759) bureau (office) + -cratie (rule of)

After standing in line for 40 min i finally reach the desk for the Dauphine Sport office. They ask me if I have my documents. "Well.. That depends. Which documents are you talking about?" "So, you don't have your documents." she looks at the person next in line and I try to catch her attention again "It depends on which documents you're talking about. Which documents do you need?" "Proof of payment and medical examination" she looks around, obviously in a hurry and way to busy to help me "Where to I get those documents?" rolling her eyes she tells me to go pay in one office in the other end of the building (but they are closed for lunch) and go see the doctor on first floor (which proved to be incorrect).

After finding the doctors office (despite of incorrect directions) I see that they are closed for lunch as well. Mais bien sûr! And it doesn't say when they are supposed to be back either. I get back there a little later and explain the situation. She tells me I can see the doctor in November. Three weeks.. "donc, ce n'est pas possible pour faire des sports avant?" No.

French Bureaucracy - My Health: 1-0

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