Friday, October 22, 2010

Lunch lessons

PanPan and Celeste explaining how old I am
I'm learning so much! Love it!
Yesterday I learned that in Korea and China I'm 24 and not my western age of 22.
How is that? Well. When you are born you are one year old. That year is added at new year. Since I'm born in January and before the new year of 1988, I'm born in Chinese 1987, plus one year = 24
Next year is my year, the year of the rabbit. Then I'll have to wear something red all year to protect myself because your own year is very eventful. Either good or bad. To make sure only good things happen you, you wear something red. Most important is to wear red underwear at new years eve. Talked to PanPan about coming with her to China for new years.

PanPan: I'm going to my home town for New Years. Sure you want to come?
Me: Yes, I'd love to! Just don't know if I can afford it.
PanPan: But it's really small, it's not even a city, it's a village.
Me: That's ok, how many people live there?
PanPan: About 300.000
Me: That's the size of Sweden's the third largest city (or village, depends how you look at it)

I also learned that live octopus is a delicacy in Korea.
Me: Don't they get stuck in your mouth?
Cha: You just have to chew them till they die
Me: Have you ever swallowed one that was still alive?
Cha: Yes, the you feel it in your thought. It has happened that people die from eating them because the octopus get stuck and they can't breath
Me: But you're willing to take the risk?
Cha: Yes! It's tastes so good!

Part of me is thinking, well that's crazy! Risking your life to eat live octopus... And on the other hand I'm thinking.. Hm.. Must be delicious if people are willing to risk there lives in order to eat it!

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