Monday, October 4, 2010

Nuit Blanche

Saturday was Nuit Blanche. A cultural event with loads of exhibits and events going on. I was excited but not feeling great due to a cold complete with soar throat, headache and stuffy nose. There were SO many people walking around, and standing in kilometer long lines for different exhibits. I was walking around with Pernille and Julie and we all agreed on not wanting to stand in any of these long lines. The amount of outdoors open events was limited (at least where we were) so we didn't see much. But we did go in the Notre Dame - it was magical. We also saw a neat installation on a bridge with projections on big cubes. I went home pretty early and spent all of Sunday in bed. Today I'm feeling better and hope to be all well for classes tomorrow.

Lighting and music created a magical atmosphere in Notre Dame

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