Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Third Time is the Charm

  • Why register for classes once when you can do it three times?
  • Why stand in line and pay once when you can stand in line three times?

Few examples of the French logic. Inefficiency is a key word. Hard-copy another.
Even though we've registered for our classes online, we had to print the registration, get it signed, then get a copy and fill out a form (at a different office and on another day, of course!) bring a passport photo (why? He couldn't tell me) and now hopefully I'm registered!

Standing in line is another thing. I've practiced at Roskilde, so I consider myself pretty good at it. If you're lucky to find something at Emmaüs (a second-hand store) here in Paris you have to start with standing in line in order to get a piece of paper saying how much you have to pay. Then you go and stand in line for the register. After that you go back with your stamped piece of paper and a little less money in your pocket, stand in line and then they will try to find your things. It's not that easy because they have to look for the scribbled number on thin plastic bags (and there are lots of them..) then you get your stuff and hopefully there's not a line to get out.

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