Monday, November 22, 2010

French - not like others

Crazy that it was just a bit over a week ago since Julie and I were in Barcelona! It was a great trip.. Filled with Cava and sunshine. Mmm

We stayed with Antony and Jasmine. Oh they are so nice! It is ridiculous! Loved getting to know lovely Jasmine and catch up with Antony (who I met in San Diego)

This weekend sweet Rebecka visited me - we ate ourselves though Paris - yum!

Food is very important to people here. If eating on the go people stare - some look you in the eye and says "Bon Appetit!" but eating is considered something private and food is serious. Not to be had on the go. Love that about the culture! Coffee is also had at cafés and not in paper to-go cups.

There are somethings I find difficult here.. Talking to people obviously.. Gets better though! I managed to talk my way to getting free samples and exchange a bad crêpe. I know it's small things but it really means a lot to me. I am so insecure with my French and feel frustrated when not being able to make myself understood.

In French class today we learned that NATO is called l'OTAN in French - mais bien sûr! Just like GMO is OGM and AIDS is SIDA - an Italian girl asked why the French insist on doing things differently than everyone else and Monsiour Champagne just answered that the French are not like others.

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