Thursday, November 25, 2010

A note about learning French

The French language was created by poets... No shit!? You have to be very creative in order to come up with six different tenses and six different ways to conjugate a verb regarding to who you speak to. This means a potential of 36 different ways to conjugate one single verb!

My International Business Ethics profession told us how he learned French today (he is american and speaks French fluently) he said that for the first three months he was taught the same five words, one sentence, until his pronunciation was perfect. He also said that people not learning another language well don't because they don't want to. Learning another language well means committing to that culture and not everyone are willing to do that.

I have never watched as much Swedish television as I do here. I also have all my courses with international students and even though we are in France the common language is English, not French. Is my French bad because I don't want to adopt the French culture? I agree that language is culture."On n'habite pas un pays, on habite une langue" (One does not inhabit a country; one inhabits a language) - Emile Cioran

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  1. Total immersion is my unequivocal recipe- Don't speak or listen to anything but the language/culture you are learning...