Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vacation in Copenhagen

Just came back last night from a weekend in Copenhagen. Didn't know I'd missed it that much.. Met lovely  friends and biked around the city.

And of course, the main event. The wedding! (Will upload pictures)

So beautiful! Followed by an amazing dinner and great music that kept us on our feet dancing all night long. After the party Lea and I kept going. Crashed one after-party and then another (ok, we were kind of invited..) All of a sudden time reached 10 in the morning time to get to Nimb (where the wedding dinner was held) for brunch. Still in evening gowns and heels...

Oh, I've missed my friends.. And the city!

Back in Paris and that's not to shabby! Sophie and Louise are coming this weekend - yeay!

School work is getting more and more stressful. Assignments and presentations. I feel lost. Will try to remember to breath. Do yoga, go for walks and enjoy cake.

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  1. Kom ihåg vad din kloka far brukar säga: Det finns omtentor men det finns inga omfester...