Thursday, January 13, 2011


Trunk for 30 pairs of shoes by Louis Vuitton - Musée Carnavalet
January 13, 10 days left in Paris.. Just realized that I have 13 pairs of shoes to get back to Cph... How did that happen? little by little... I have no idea how I'll manage. I just have way too much stuff.

Tonight is the last Erasmus bar. There are many lasts at the moment. Yesterday was Julie's farewell party, wine at Chez Georges. Good wine, great company, cozy surroundings. 

I'm enjoying myself and loving Paris - but I also spend a lot if time thinking about what I'll miss and kind of start to miss things already.. Silly!

I'll miss walking around this beautiful city. Having one magnificent building after the other. I'll miss the museums, the bakeries, the cafés, the kiosks, the parks...

I miss friends and family, going back to Copenhagen will bring me closer to a lot of them and I'm exited about having planned visits for Gothenburg, Kalmar and Halmstad already. I'll also go to Uppsala and Stockholm sometime this spring.

But lovely Paris - I will miss you! Tu vas me manquer 


  1. I know... I almost cried yesterday riding the bus through the city! I will be here waiting for you with open arms - and cake! Enjoy Paris-Paris <3