Saturday, January 8, 2011

1st week of 2011

I went to the movies with Pan Pan, in the theater there were only love seats :) we saw Jack Goes Boating - I liked it!
January 6th, La fête des Rois (?) I have no Idea, they were selling leaves on the street.
 Lise's Birthday! We went ice skating by Hôtel du Ville

 Thursday/Tuesday - Tomato/Potato
Rehab - an art exhibition about recycling. The graphical art was just beautiful! I liked some of the art work too but the way the exhibit was displayed with this graphical art, oh my. Gorgeous!

No pictures from yesterday, went out for Corean food with Sunmi (who is Corean) and then to Marie (our French mentor) for Galette and cider. Yum!

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