Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010 - 2011

Long time, no see (me and this blog)

Christmas was everything I wished for. Hanging out with family and seeing friends all in a beautiful landscape where I was able to breathe..

Then it was back to Paris.. I could've used a couple more days on my parents couch (especially since Joel, Julia and Alma - the last one unwillingly - was still there) but it was time to go back in order to get ready for new years! Cecilie came and we had a great time.

So.. Now we're in 2011..

How was 2010?
The year when I went to Paris and also the year when I lost my grand mother. These events will always be linked since I got the acceptance letter the same day she died.

2010 started great - with my best new years ever in my amazing apartment in Copenhagen filled with lovely friends <3

School was good - the spring semester anyway! Did a good and interesting project about community at concerts with great people.

Then summer came and after Roskilde it was filled with work in order to afford the coming semester in Paris.

When leaving for Paris I didn't really have any clear expectations. I found a place to stay after two days in a hostel which was great! Then life started. French courses - meeting people, making friends..

What didn't happen was falling in love with a charming French guy, stroll the romantic streets of Paris, kissing on Pont Feuf and holding hands in Centre Pompidou.

Now I have two weeks in this beautiful city. I know I can, and will, come back though.. I only have one exam left so I really want to make the most of these weeks and enjoy the city. Too bad I'm not feeling well.. Sore throught and feverish - no energy!

My body wants steamed vegetables, tea, walks in fresh air and yoga.
I'm giving it cookies, alcohol, metro rides and watching crappy movies in bed.

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