Friday, January 21, 2011

J'ai 23 ans

Lots of laughs the past 24 hours. I had an amazing birthday with great people! But when I talked to Sunmi about saying goodbye I started crying...

It's easy to say see you later to the Danes and I believe myself when I say that I'll come visit to the Europeans. But Korea, China and Hong Kong is just so far away... That's why these goodbyes get more difficult.

Sunmi was so sweet when I was in tears and said - You crying means that you've had a good time here, so I'm happy about that. Cry more! It makes me happy :)

I've met so many amazing people - too many actually! I haven't spent as much time with them as I would have liked. Anyway - many of my friends from this exchange semester came and celebrated my birthday with me today. It was lovely. Lise and I baked kanelbullar and made Crêpe. Huge success!

After a glass of wine at a shabby but oh so funny bar in Montmartre I went home and read all the comments on my fb wall - then I started crying again! So happy to have so many wonderful friends <3

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